Packaging design

We deliver production ready multimaterial packaging designs from structure to graphical layouts.
In multimaterial concepts we produce fully manufacturing ready designs including CAD models and production drawings. 

Design of the structures is always based on the requirements of the customer and the package contents.
Carton packagings’ design usually employs standardized structure models.
In special requests we can also deliver completely new structural designs for demanding customers in search of a more impressive consumer experience.

Graphic design

Graphic design is an inseparable part of packaging and an important media platform, in physical retail as in e-commerce unboxing experience. Proper design guides the consumer’s purchase decision, informs them about the product’s properties and develops the consumer’s relationship to the product in the long term. 

The key in our graphical design is the swift deployment of a new packaging concept. Our graphical designs are made printing ready from the start. 

Printing ready design reduces the need for communication between ad agencies and customers in regards of design changes and the different printing and finishing technologies’ limitations. In the case of specialty finishes’ it is especially important to get the designs just right from the beginning.


Upon orders we produce high quality photo realistic visualizations from packaging concepts in still images and video footage.

Marketing materials

In addition to packaging design we also provide our customers with marketing materials in the form of still photographs and video upon separate order.